The US has Lost its First-World Status

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Daniel Nuccio

“Everything is dirty. Nothing works. But everything’s also more expensive. And oh, by the way, you don’t have privacy anymore. That is how I described life in the US to a friend who had been living abroad for a bit more than a decade when we met up earlier this year during his brief return to the states. We’re not a first world country anymore, I told him. Hopefully our decline stops somewhere around second world, I half-joked. That’s probably the best we can hope for.” [editor’s note: Seems to not understand the meaning of “first-world” (aligned with the US during the Cold War), “second-world” (aligned with the USSR during the Cold War), and “third-world” (unaligned with either during the Cold War; not unusual, I used to make the same mistake – TLK] (11/09/23)