Having rights still bewilderingly popular

Source: Washington Post
by Alexandra Petri

“Tuesday’s election results suggest that the Republican legislative strategy of ‘taking people’s rights away for no clear reason’ was not an overwhelming success at the ballot box. Potential Childbearing Vessels on Legs contumaciously insist on continuing to see themselves as fully realized people deserving of the protection of the law, and, unfortunately, they can still vote, and some of them even have friends who vote with them. … When confronted with questions such as ‘What should be in my library? Books, or just empty shelves and a scowling member of Moms for Liberty standing with folded arms and hissing whenever anyone dares approach?’ people overwhelmingly selected the first thing. When they were given a choice between Deciding and Having Things Decided For Them, Deciding proved surprisingly popular.” (11/08/23)