The media has no compassion, needs vulnerable people to watch rage-creating clickbait

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“So I had a great time up at the lake. I actually went water skiing with Caitlyn Jenner. As expected Kat and her new husband spent Memorial Day, in typical fashion. Anyway, that really happened. But how can you tell? According to CNN, you can’t. Last week, they reported on a study claiming that Americans exaggerate their ability to spot fake news — and surprise, Republicans are more likely to fall for fake news than Dems. CNN’s Oliver Darcy, 5/31: ‘This really just highlights this news literacy problem that we have in this country where people are consuming misinformation, conspiracy theories, things that are just not true.’ Yes, coming from CNN, you dope. I got two words for you, Wooly Willy: Russian collusion. Anyway, if the findings showed the reverse, CNN would never have run the study.” (06/02/21)