The Private School “Awokening” Panic

Source: American Consequences
by Alice Lloyd

“Recently, for the first time in a long time, I went to an actual party … It was a mild May evening, a hotel patio teeming with people I knew only vaguely (if at all), and the group was unmasked except for the wait staff. This contrast lent the event an edge of postlapsarian feudalism. But it also meant that while all could see our hostess’[s] expression sour when the bartender she’d hired announced there would be no champagne, only ‘Argentinian Brut,’ said bartender was free to smirk as widely as he wanted behind his KN95. It was the kind of party where I never actually met the banker birthday boy officially being feted — and where, as the evening and the Argentinian Brut flowed on, I found myself increasingly the confidante of closeted conservatarians.” (06/02/21)