We need our freedom back in full — no ifs, no buts

Source: spiked
by Fraser Myers

“There have been few causes for celebration after such a universally grim 15 months. But the UK experiencing zero Covid deaths in a day, for the first time since March 2020, is surely something to pop the champagne for. What’s more, we know exactly why the good news has come about. Seventy-five per cent of British adults have received their first vaccine dose, and 49 per cent their second. … Despite all of this, no one can by now be surprised that the voices of gloom are gathering. The campaign to abolish ‘Freedom Day’ on 21 June began as soon as it was announced in the reopening roadmap. It was inevitable that such a slow and drawn-out easing would give opponents of unlocking more time to find new obstacles — some real (more transmissible variants) and some imagined (vaccine hesitancy).” (06/02/21)