Anti-affirmative action group challenges West Point admissions policy

Source: Reuters

“The group that successfully challenged race-conscious collegiate student admissions policies at the U.S. Supreme Court sued the U.S. Military Academy at West Point on Tuesday, saying the Army school’s affirmative action practices unconstitutionally discriminate against white applicants. The Virginia-based Students for Fair Admissions, founded by affirmative action opponent Edward Blum, seeks in the lawsuit to erase an exemption tucked inside the Supreme Court’s June ruling that allowed the prestigious U.S. military academies to continue using race as one of the factors weighed in student admissions. … The Supreme Court’s invalidation of admissions policies used by Harvard University of the University of North Carolina did not address the consideration of race in admissions at West Point in New York, as well as the Naval Academy in Maryland and the Air Force Academy in Colorado.” (09/19/23)