It’s time for Americans to take the keys away from Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Source: Orange County Register
by Doug McIntyre

“There’s a well-worn joke, ageist no doubt, that goes something like this: ‘I hope to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandpa, not screaming like the other people in the car he was driving.’ Chances are the time will come when we have to sit with our elderly parents and tell them it’s no longer safe for them to drive. “The Talk,” as it’s known, is difficult. Taking a person’s car keys away is a blow to their pride and independence. Yet, to do otherwise would be irresponsible. For their safety, as well as the safety of other motorists and pedestrians, when the time comes all of us have to step up and do the right thing. Which brings me to President Biden and former President Trump.” (09/18/23)