Ken Paxton got a pass. Now comes a 2024 GOP civil war in Texas.

Source: Washington Post
by Karen Tumulty

“Let it be known. Let it be clear now. The Bush era in Texas ends today.’ So much for the mountain of damning evidence in the impeachment trial of Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. That statement in the closing argument of his defense attorney Tony Buzbee was a naked appeal to the tribalism that has reshaped the once-rational GOP in Texas. … That the fix was in for the attorney general in the Senate probably should have been apparent back in July. That’s when a campaign finance report revealed that a pro-Paxton political action committee, known as the Defend Texas Liberty PAC, had donated $1 million and made an additional $2 million loan to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who would preside over the impeachment trial. Yes, you read that right: The person acting as judge took $3 million from the defendant’s deep-pocketed allies.” (09/18/23)