Good Riddance to the Bush Regime

Source: Town Hall
by Jeff Crouere

“The nightmare started in July of 1980 at the GOP convention in Detroit. After negotiations with former President Gerald Ford for a coequal ticket failed, the party’s nominee, Ronald Reagan, turned to his vanquished competitor to unite the party. He chose George H.W. Bush as his running-mate; the rest is history. Reagan was a principled conservative, an excellent communicator, and a generation leader. His two terms were highly successful, and he left office with high approval ratings and eight years of impressive accomplishments. He was so popular that his bland and uninspiring Vice President was elected in 1988 as a third Reagan term. Yet, Bush was nothing like Ronald Reagan. He believed in a ‘new world order,’ military adventurism, and raising taxes. Bush was also an elitist who cared little for average Americans.” (09/18/23)