Q&A: Tim Wu on the US v. Google Trial

Source: The American Prospect
by Luke Goldstein

“There’s been a lot of hype about the significance of this trial in building momentum for antitrust enforcement, though some anti-monopoly reformers have tempered the stakes of the outcome. The DOJ does have another case against Google focused on its monopoly over digital advertising. How high do you think the stakes are in this trial? Tim Wu: I see two main impacts at play. There’s what you could call the innovation or industry stakes and then there’s the political and legal stakes. I think that collectively the question over the next decade will be can Google proceed with business as usual: pay for defaults, pay to prevent competitors getting a foothold, and pay off companies that could enter the market either by buying them through mergers or like with Apple to pay them not to have their own search engine.” (09/18/23)