TN: Restaurant owner shoots naked man

Source: KXAN News

“One of the owners of a North Memphis restaurant says she was forced to shoot a naked intruder who threatened her and her family members inside the business late Monday night. The woman, who did want to be identified by name, said the man was dressed only in sneakers when he showed up at Mr. Potato Head — while the restaurant was closed — asking for water. He entered after pushing his way inside, shutting the self-locking doors behind him. She said the man became enraged when he couldn’t leave the restaurant and began damaging property. … The woman said she fired one shot at the man when he charged her and shot him again when he picked up a chair to throw. … Memphis Police said a man was transported to the hospital in critical condition and later died. They said a woman was detained, but haven’t released any further details about the shooting.” (09/17/23)