Are Democrats the Actual Spoilers that Cost them Victories in Presidential Elections?

Source: CounterPunch
by Rick Baum

“When Democrats lose elections, they are quick to blame their defeats on others, in particular on those deemed to be on their ‘left’ especially if they are running as third party candidates. Those candidates are depicted as being irresponsible and said to have enabled an evil Republican to win. Prime examples are Ralph Nader being held responsible for Al Gore’s defeat in 2000, and Jill Stein for Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016. They are called spoilers. … Were the Democratic candidate to lose in 2024, third party candidate Cornel West is already being told he could be responsible …. There can be some truth to the claim that third party candidates help to prevent Democrats from being victorious. However, the blame for the defeats may rest far more with the Democrats themselves and their uninspiring candidates (and perhaps even less inspiring running mates.)” (09/18/23)