CEO of NYC migrant contractor DocGo resigns after allegedly lying about college credentials

Source: New York Post

“The CEO of the controversial New York migrant contractor DocGo has abruptly resigned — after getting caught allegedly lying about his educational background. The publicly traded company divulged CEO Anthony Capone’s departure in a terse statement provided to the Securities Exchange and Commission on Friday. ‘On September 15, 2023, effective immediately, Anthony Capone resigned as the Chief Executive Officer of DocGo Inc. (the ‘Company’) and from all other positions with the Company due to personal reasons,’ the statement filed with the SEC said. Capone’s exodus came a day after the upstate Times Union said the CEO lied about his college credentials. In his professional biography and an earlier SEC filing, Capone claimed to have earned a master’s degree in computer science from Clarkson University in St. Lawrence County.” (09/17/23)