Former Yale student acquitted of rape in 2018 cleared to sue his accuser

Source: New York Post

“The former Yale student who was acquitted of rape in 2018 — but later ousted from the Ivy League institution — can sue his accuser for defamation over statements she made during a school hearing, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled this summer. Saifullah Khan, 30, has had a $110 million defamation lawsuit pending against the Ivy League institution since 2019. Khan has been fighting to bring his accuser, a fellow student, into the suit over a 2018 university hearing that eventually resulted in his expulsion. Connecticut’s high court granted Khan’s request in June. The court ruled that the accuser shouldn’t receive ‘qualified immunity’ from her school testimony that Khan raped her following a Halloween party in 2015. Qualified immunity protects people from being sued for statements they make in judicial cases or ‘quasi judicial’ cases. But the high court said the university hearing wasn’t a stand-in court proceeding, since Khan wasn’t given the opportunity to cross-examine the accuser.” (09/17/23)