Russell Brand and the crisis of scepticism

Source: spiked
by Brendan O’Neill

“So, this Russell Brand thing. Is it an open-and-shut case of rape? Or is it a stitch-up by ‘the regime?’ Here’s my radical proposition: it’s neither. The accusations against Brand, which are serious and grim, have not been tested in a rigorous enough fashion for any of us to be able to say: ‘He is guilty of sexual assault.’ At the same time, the cries from Brand fanboys about ‘Them’ taking him down, about Big Pharma and its lackeys in Big Media targeting Brand because he hosts a popular, vax-sceptical YouTube show, sound cranky in the extreme. On one side we have a rush to judgement, on the other a rush to conspiracism. Where has good, honest scepticism gone?” (09/17/23)