Cold hard reality: We must rein in drunken government spending

Source: New York Post
by staff

“For all President Joe Biden’s boasts of cutting the deficit, new figures show the gap actually doubled this year — to a jaw-dropping $2 trillion, the highest ever outside a recession or national emergency. Such monstrous red ink not only saddles future generations with today’s excesses; it fuels enormous interest costs that crowd out truly necessary spending, such as for defense. As Congress and the White House race to hammer out a budget for the fiscal year that starts in two weeks (and avoid a government shutdown) it’s imperative they shave spending and rein in deficits (for real). How dangerous is the current nut? Consider: Experts saw the hole as outrageously reckless at $500 billion in 2015, during the Obama days; it’s now four times that amount, less than a decade later.” (09/16/23)