What It’s Like to Live Under Russian Occupation

Source: Town Hall
by Mitzi Perdue

“In the West, when we hear news that an area in Ukraine has been liberated, we likely feel a short sense of relief: but we don’t grasp the full extent of what this means. In reality, the experience of being occupied by the Russian invaders is utterly nightmarish. It was for Galyna Matyoshko. It involved the murder of one son and the permanent injury of her other son. Her older son has had 18 surgeries and will never completely recover. … At 2:00AM in her home in Bucha, Matyoshko awoke to a loud, terrifying hammering on her front door. Still in her night clothes, she opened the door and saw a group of Russian soldiers. ‘Where is your husband?’ they demanded. Matyoshko’s husband had died years ago, but as she later learned, had he been there, he would have been killed.” (09/16/23)