How Deep Canvass Conversations Can Transform America

Source: Our Future
by Sulma Arias & Ebony Taggart

“Here at People’s Action Institute, we feel the way Jill Murphy, a Michigan schoolteacher who is now a full-time organizer for one of our affiliates, felt when she first joined a deep canvass in her home state four years ago. A light bulb goes on in our heads when we experience the way conversations bridge divisions that feel impossible to heal. New possibilities open up before us. Deep canvassing can unlock the power we have to transform our lives, our communities and our society when we come together across differences. This is what all good organizing is all about. Like Jill, we all have this ‘ah-ha’ moment in our first deep canvass, as we learn how to engage in compassionate curiosity and active listening when we talk with neighbors, and even complete strangers.” (09/16/23)