Chicago teachers’ union boss: Better school for her son, not yours

Source: Fox News Forum
by Corey DeAngelis

“The president of the Chicago Teachers Union and executive vice president of the American Federation of Teachers, Stacy Davis Gates, confirmed that she now sends her eldest son to a private school. Local journalists initially reported that MaxPreps, a website devoted to tracking high school sports, listed her son on the soccer team at De La Salle Institute, a private Catholic school boasting a 96 percent college attendance rate among its former students. Admins of a private Facebook group of Chicago Teachers Union members shortly thereafter mentioned that they had become aware of the news three weeks prior and that they ‘dislike the hypocrisy of CTU when they have gone after people who made the same choice.’ It should go without saying, but Mrs. Gates is a fierce opponent of school choice, at least when it comes to other people’s children.” (09/14/23)