India races to contain outbreak of deadly Nipah virus

Source: Telegraph [UK]

“Schools and offices have been shut and more than 800 people tracked down as India races to contain an outbreak of Nipah, a virus with ‘serious epidemic potential’ and a fatality rate as high as 75 per cent. Authorities in the southern state of Kerala are attempting to curb the pathogen’s spread after two people died from the virus …. It’s the fourth time Nipah has hit the state. In 2018, 21 of the 23 people infected with Nipah in Kerala died, while subsequent outbreaks in 2019 and 2021 killed two people. Now, authorities racing to curb the renewed threat have declared containment zones in at least eight villages, where public offices, schools, government buildings and religious institutions have been temporarily closed. Public transport has also been suspended, while more than 800 potential contacts … have been identified and tested. So far, at least three people, including the nine-year-old child of one of the victims, have been hospitalised after testing positive.” (09/14/23)