Pet Alligator Bans are Unnecessary and Reckless

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Benjamin Seevers

“A small town in western Pennsylvania is considering a ban on alligator ownership. Yes, you read that right: a ban on alligators. This prohibition, like every other action of government, is misguided and will likely lead to negative unintended consequences. The Kiskiminetas Township (Kiski Twp.) board of supervisors is considering the ordinance in light of multiple alligator sightings in the Kiski river. The first one being a 4-foot alligator named ‘Chomper’ in August and now an escaped 2-foot alligator aptly named ‘Neo.’ Chomper and Neo have caused quite the stir despite their small size and docility, and with winter fast approaching, these gators will either be recaptured or freeze to death. With all the hysteria, let’s look at alligator attack statistics.” (09/14/23)