Biden administration continues its anti-democratic “sue-and-settle” masquerade

Source: The Hill
by Benjamin Zycher

“They now make no efforts even to be subtle. ‘They’ are the Biden administration agencies that regulate leasing for energy exploration in federal lands and waters, and leftist environmental groups driven by ideological imperatives. These agencies, deeply politicized, have cut deals with the ideological groups, and nobody was at the table to represent the taxpayers’ interests. The groups themselves, meanwhile, have little interest in actual environmental improvement, but an overwhelming interest in using regulation to make energy more expensive and reduce ordinary people’s living standards. The latest example is the recent sue-and-settle dance between groups led by the Sierra Club, and the National Marine Fisheries Service, in which the feds agreed to remove 6 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico from future oil and gas leasing.” (09/14/23)