The G20 and the unravelling of American power

Source: spiked
by Frank Furedi

“On the surface, this year’s G20 summit in India has achieved its main mission. Last weekend, the world’s largest and most important economies met in New Delhi, India and managed to agree on a joint statement, without a single dissenting note. ‘We are One Earth, One Family and we share One Future,’ the statement says in its opening sentence. … In reality, there is little such harmony within the G20. What is significant about the cobbled-together declaration is not what it says, but what it leaves out. Despite the best efforts of Western nations, it does not condemn Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. … Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov couldn’t help but gloat, praising it as ‘a step in the right direction’ …. To rub salt into the wound, Lavrov cynically adopted the tone of an anti-colonial activist.” (09/14/23)