Biden Is Letting Saudi Arabia Get Away With Murder, Again

Source: Foreign Policy
by Joey Shea

“The United States and other Western allies have all but rubber-stamped Saudi Arabia’s repression at home and abroad. Repeated U.S. failures to hold Saudi Arabia to account for a litany of human rights violations has emboldened the Saudi government, allowing it to act with unbridled impunity as abuses grow ever more horrifying. In late August, Human Rights Watch reported in gruesome detail how Saudi forces are killing hundreds of migrants, including women and children, on the remote, mountainous border with Yemen. Researchers documented Saudi border guards using explosive weapons against Ethiopian migrants and asylum-seekers attempting to cross into Saudi Arabia. The attacks are widespread and systematic. … The Saudi government has never faced meaningful consequences for prior abuses committed in plain sight and thoroughly documented. Indeed, U.S. authorities had been briefed on the killings of migrants at the Yemeni-Saudi border for more than a year.” (09/13/23)