Strident hawks who have Russians in their closet

Source: Responsible Statecraft
by Branko Marcetic

“Last week saw former Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin retire from politics after a poor election showing, and join the Tony Blair Institute, where she will be ‘advising political leaders on their reform programs.’ The news raised some eyebrows for several reasons. For one, former British Prime Minister Blair’s long history of advising authoritarians for money, as well as the Institute’s own funding from the Saudi government, already sits awkwardly with the non-profit’s original rationale of at ‘articulat[ing] a vision of liberal democracy that can garner substantial support,’ as well as ‘progressive values.’ Also there is Blair’s leading role in the invasion of Iraq, which sits squarely at odds with Marin’s hawkishness on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s similarly illegal and disastrous invasion of Ukraine.” (09/13/23)