“States of emergency” in “free” nations

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“[J]ust what does a ‘State of Emergency’ allow a bureaucrat, an elected official, even a legislative body to do? In a free nation, as supposedly all Fifty States are, is a state of emergency justification or authorization for suspending (temporarily or not) ANY God-given right? Especially one specifically spelled out by the Federal and State constitutions? (Whether or not it is obvious that the denial of rights will have any effect at all on the problems the state of emergency is supposedly addressing?) Dear readers, please tell us here at TPOL: can you find ANY such power granted to any government official or body to deny ANY right protected in any State constitution. Or the US Constitution of 1787 as amended. ANY!? We can’t in the ones with which we are familiar.” (09/12/23)