Maybe a Temporary Government Lockdown Is Necessary

Source: Town Hall
by Stephen Moore

“What’s worse? When politicians shut down the government, or when they lock down businesses, stores, schools, churches and restaurants — and nearly all private commerce in America? If you haven’t heard, the media and congressional Democrats are near cardiac arrest over the prospect of a government shutdown later this year. They may need smelling salts. How dare Congress shut down our vital government services when they are deadlocked on the budget? But we didn’t hear these kinds of drama queen histrionics when Congress, governors and mayors locked down nearly every private business during COVID in 2020. That effectively brought our economy to a standstill for six months. Almost overnight, millions of Americans were out of their jobs. Small business revenues collapsed, and tens of thousands of men and women who had put their whole life into their businesses were thrown into bankruptcy due to government lockdown edicts.” (09/12/23)