Grand Fortunes Distort Where Great Talent Goes

Source: Common Dreams
by Sam Pizzigati

“The richest among us have always loved to claim they have more talent — more smarts — than the rest of us. They can do things the rest of us can’t. They fully deserve, in other words, the grand fortunes they’re so busily amassing. Those of us who worry about the inequality those grand fortunes create have never swallowed this deservedness claim. We’ve spent massive amounts of our time demonstrating how grand fortunes reflect all sorts of dynamics — from exploiting workers and shortchanging consumers to monopolizing markets and paying off politicos — that have nothing to do with talent and brilliance. But we skeptics about the talents of our super rich, in our haste to expose the hollowness of their claims, have by and large been glossing over the one tie that does exist between talent and grand fortune.” (09/12/23)