GA: Disgraced former president’s lawyers move for dismissal of election conspiracy charges

Source: Fox 5 Atlanta

“Former President Donald Trump is asking a court to dismiss several criminal charges against him in Georgia’s 2020 election interference investigation. Monday, Trump’s lawyers filed new motions saying that he wanted to adopt the arguments of his co-defendants and allies Rudy Giuliani and Kenneth Chesebro have made in recent days in court filings. On Friday, Giuliani filed a challenge to Fulton County’s indictment, asking a Fulton County Superior Court judge to throw out his indictment, arguing that there were ‘deficiencies’ that made it invalid and argued that the prosecution was violating his rights against ‘double jeopardy.’ Chesebro also filed a similar challenge in August, asking the judge to dismiss the state’s RICO argument against all co-defendants. Trump’s Monday filings come after he indicated in separate court motions last week that he may ask for his case to be moved to federal court.” (09/12/23)