CA: Union claims Grindr losing almost half of workers over “retaliatory” return-to-office policy

Source: SFGate

“Grindr, the West Hollywood-based dating app for LGBTQ people, offered its workers a sudden ultimatum in early August: work from an office or leave the firm. A month later, 80 workers are gone, according to the Grindr union, which alleges that the return-to-office requirement was presented to retaliate against the newly formed labor group. Grindr, in the note announcing the policy, wrote that it was simply following the mold of Bay Area tech giants like Meta, Google and Apple. But the firm laid out its policy just two weeks after Grindr’s employees announced their intent to unionize, leaving workers with the impression that the return-to-office threat was an attempt to bust the union — the group has filed unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board alleging that Grindr’s policy was retaliatory and that the firm’s severance packages illegally silence workers.” (09/11/23)