Biden Complacency Just As Bad as Biden Panic

Source: The Nation
by Jeet Heer

“Political parties, strange to say, attract distinct personalities. Broadly speaking, Democrats tend to be compulsive worrywarts, while Republican ranks are rich in cocksure bullies. Even when Democrats are on a winning streak, they fret (with good reason) that it will only take a few strokes of bad luck to smash all their hopes to smithereens. Democrats have won the popular vote in seven of the last eight presidential elections. One party having that kind of majoritarian dominance on the national stage is rare. but Democrats know it doesn’t amount to as much as it should. All it takes is a few mishaps (the badly designed ‘butterfly ballot’ in Florida in 2000, James Comey’s oafish last-minute electoral intervention in 2016) to turn a popular vote victory into an Electoral College defeat.” (09/11/23)