On 9/11, Biden & his team want us to forget about the jihadists who attacked us

Source: Fox News
by Tulsi Gabbard

“Monday marks the twenty-second anniversary of the Islamist terrorist attack on 9/11 and I’m here in New York City, visiting Ground Zero, the place where the World Trade Center towers once stood. President Biden is not here and will not be coming here. The question is, why not? I believe it’s because he wants the American people to ‘move past’ or forget about this attack, who carried it out, and why. He and his administration want us to move forward to new, bigger, and more lucrative wars. They want us to focus on politically advantageous wars, like the war against parents who simply want to have a say in our children’s education or patriotic Americans who are standing up to protect our freedoms enshrined in our Constitution.” (09/11/23)