Exhausted, Injured and Angry: Autoworkers Are Ready to Strike

Source: In These Times
by Sarah Lazare

“Wearing a red United Auto Workers (UAW) t-shirt, Anastasia Gibson, 48, is warm and polite, quick to flash a broad smile. But her anger rises when she talks about her sacrifices to Ford, which made $10.4 billion in profits in 2022. Gibson works 10-hour shifts and injured her back on the job in 2021. ​’They don’t value anything we do. They want us to get as many cars off the line as we can.’ Such anger was palpable among the roughly 200 workers who gathered alongside Gibson in the late afternoon of September 6 outside the UAW Local 551 union hall in far southeastern Chicago, not far from the Indiana border. They were there to practice rallying and chanting for a picket line, in preparation for a possible strike as soon as midnight on September 14, when their union contract with Ford expires.'” (09/11/23)