Revalorizing the frontier

Source: Niskanen Center
by Brink Lindsey

“In my recent essay on our growing predilection for virtual experience over the real thing, I ended with a question. The problem, I said, isn’t our interest in experiencing virtual worlds; it’s our lack of a sufficient anchor in the physical world. But, I asked, how do we rebuild ours? What we need is no less than a major cultural shift, a change in the way we view our relationship with the world around us. We need to recover our sense of ambition and see the physical world once again as exciting and challenging – an arena for great deeds and historic accomplishments. We need to reawaken our desire to leave the indelible mark of our civilization upon it, for all later generations to behold and admire. Thinking this way used to be second nature, especially for Americans, but we have lost the knack.” (09/11/23)