Bitcoin is the First Human Hive-Mind Supercomputer

Source: Underthrow
by Justin Goro

In the early days of Bitcoin, it became clear that extending the blockchain to do general-purpose processing would enable developers to decentralize just about anything. We wouldn’t only take power back from state institutions, but smart contracts would replace entire corporations. An early example of this in action is Storj, an Ethereum-powered app that promises to completely decentralize and distribute the technology behind Dropbox. The motive to decentralize all the things has unified developers across multiple political ideologies to put aside their theoretical differences. What matters isn’t from whom we devolve power, it’s that we devolve power. In the process, we seem to be opening up a Pandora’s Box of social re-organization that might leave the human race resembling something akin to a synchronized ant colony rather than a troop of monkeys with computers.” (09/08/23)