Overly Broad Stonewalling

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

“How specific do requests for records of unconstitutional activity have to be? In February, the Federal Bureau of Investigation pretended an inability to fulfill America First Legal Foundation’s freedom-of-information request for documents about the FBI’s pre-election efforts to censor Twitter users. The agency declared the request to be ‘overly broad.’ What’s been ‘overly broad’ is the policy of censorship, disinformation, and more by the Deep State using private partners. Meaning their real problem is doubtless that the requested documents are ‘overly incriminating,’ too unmistakably what AFL wanted. So the FBI stonewalled. And AFL has sued, in its complaint concluding that the agency’s ‘blanket denial of AFL’s FOIA request is contrary to law and should not stand.'” (09/07/23)