Murray Rothbard in the Financial Times

Source: EconLog
by Pierre Lemieux

“I won’t confess everything but I will admit that I was once a great fan of Murray Rothbard (1926-1995), the economist who was nicknamed ‘Mr. Libertarian.’ I was reminded of that when I saw him mentioned in a Financial Times column a few days ago …. The column focuses on Javier Milei, who is the favorite to win the upcoming presidential election in Argentina …. Milei, who defines himself as an anarcho-capitalist a la Rothbard, is a fan of the latter and named one of his dogs after him. The fact that Milei is apparently also a fan of Donald Trump does not bode well for the future. The Financial Times columnist does get Trump’s anti-libertarianism right, albeit not to all its extent. But he is wrong in suggesting that Republican primaries candidate Vivek Ramaswamy could (or, at any rate, should) be embraced by the libertarian movement.” (09/07/23)