How 9/11 Bred a “War on Terror” from Hell

Source: TomDispatch
by Norman Solomon

“The day after the U.S. government began routinely bombing faraway places, the lead editorial in the New York Times expressed some gratification. Nearly four weeks had passed since 9/11, the newspaper noted, and America had finally stepped up its ‘counterattack against terrorism’ by launching airstrikes on al-Qaeda training camps and Taliban military targets in Afghanistan. ‘It was a moment we have expected ever since September 11,’ the editorial said. ‘The American people, despite their grief and anger, have been patient as they waited for action. Now that it has begun, they will support whatever efforts it takes to carry out this mission properly.’ As the United States continued to drop bombs in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s daily briefings catapulted him into a stratosphere of national adulation. As the Washington Post’s media reporter put it: ‘Everyone is genuflecting before the Pentagon powerhouse… America’s new rock star.'” (09/07/23)