Disapproval Voting is a Sign of Decline

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“56% of Americans polled disapprove of US president Joe Biden. 56.1% of Americans polled disapprove of former (and hoping to be future) US president Donald Trump. … the average disapproval rating for elected presidents upon taking office from Eisenhower to Obama was 11.3%, and that average was dragged way upward by Bill Clinton (20%) and George W. Bush (25%). Even the likely retrospectively most unpopular president overall of the Eisenhower-to-Obama era, Richard Nixon, entered office with a stunning disapproval rating of only 5%! Something has changed in recent years … these days, it’s hard to make a case that voters are voting for the politicians they like best for the nation’s higher office. Instead, they’re mostly voting against the politicians they hate the most, and for politicians they hate just a little bit less.” (09/07/23)