What China’s Slowdown Really Means for the West

Source: The Atlantic
by Michael Schuman

“China’s jobless college graduates have become an embarrassment to Chinese leader Xi Jinping. The unemployment rate among the country’s youth has reached an all-time high, putting the country’s severe economic troubles on display at home and abroad. In August, Xi’s administration decided to act: Its statistics bureau stopped releasing the data. But Xi can’t hide China’s economic woes — or hide from them. The problems are not just a post-pandemic malaise, or some soon-to-be-forgotten detour in China’s march to superpower stature. The vaunted China model — the mix of liberalization and state control that generated the country’s hypersonic growth — has entered its death throes. … A downward trajectory in China does not necessarily ensure the future of American global power, however.” (09/07/23)