Andrew Malkinson: The end of the presumption of innocence

Source: spiked
by Luke Gittos

“Andrew Malkinson was convicted in 2004 of the violent rape of a woman in Salford, near Manchester, in 2003. In January this year, the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) finally referred his case to the Court of Appeal. In July, after two decades in prison, Malkinson finally had his conviction overturned. … The grounds for his conviction had always looked shaky. The victim recalled causing a ‘deep scratch’ to her attacker’s face. Yet when Malkinson was visited by the police the day after the attack, he had no such scratch on his face. Nor was there any DNA evidence linking him to the crime. He was arrested and charged after being picked out of a video lineup. … the key piece of evidence that eventually led to his conviction being quashed was first identified in 2007.” (09/07/23)