Nationalization: A Great ]sic] American Tradition

Source: In These Times
by Dayton Martindale

“Under private ownership, CEOs and shareholders are incentivized to make the most profit for themselves at the expense of workers, consumers and the planet. Through public [sic] ownership, industries could prioritize people first. Activists and policy experts have called to nationalize all sorts of companies, especially in industries with an outsized influence on the broader economy. An incomplete list: Amazon, airlines and transit, banks, internet and telecom providers, fossil fuels, healthcare, SpaceX, Twitter and Tyson Foods. Generally, a government would gain a controlling stake of a company by buying up a majority (or all) of the company’s shares. Other times, a government might just seize control directly, with or without compensation to the former owners. In fact, this country has a long history of nationalization.” [editor’s note: The next time the state “prioritizes people first” will be the first time – TLK] (09/05/23)