Trump is no Nixon — he’s much worse

Source: The Hill
by Alton Frye

“With former President Donald Trump now facing four indictments, one recalls Lloyd Bentsen’s famous remark that Dan Quayle was no Jack Kennedy. The appropriate parallel today is to say that Donald Trump is no Richard Nixon. The Trump-Nixon comparisons are facile but superficial and in crucial respects wrong. They ignore fundamental differences between a serious and accomplished public servant whose overwrought ambition led him astray, and a self-centered dilettante whose main interest in government service is to feed his boundless ego. The contrasts between the two men are far more significant than the similarities. Confronted with clear indications that his administration’s illegalities would support impeachment, Nixon resigned the presidency to avoid the personal ordeal and to spare the country excruciating divisions. His acknowledgement that he had failed the American people reflected deep remorse. Trump, on the other hand, seems incapable of taking personal responsibility.” (09/06/23)