Opposing US aid for Ukraine contradicts a core conservative principle

Source: Washington Post
by George F Will

“The wilder shores of today’s conservatism are inhabited by those of the ‘New Right’ who embrace a root-and-branch rejection of the classical liberal project, which includes the premises of the American founding: an elemental focus on the individual possessing natural rights that precede government, including the right to define the happiness he or she will pursue in an open society lightly regulated by a limited government. New Right rejectionists regard this as a recipe for a political community reduced to a dust of individuals — deracinated, lonely and without social attachments. Some New Rightists have succumbed to progressive envy: They crave the excitement progressives derive from trying to wield government power to hammer society into new configurations. But the most unseemly New Right temptation is to abandon Ukraine.” (09/06/23)