Israel: Supreme Court delays pivotal judicial overhaul hearing after AG opposes plan

Source: SFGate

“Israel’s Supreme Court on Tuesday delayed the first of three pivotal hearings on the legality of the judicial overhaul, spearheaded by the far-right government of Benjamin Netanyahu, after the country’s attorney general expressed staunch opposition to the plan. For the eight months since the coalition took power, Justice Minister Yariv Levin, a Netanyahu ally, has refused to convene the committee that selects the nation’s judges, leaving numerous judgeships open across the country. Lawyers for Attorney General Gail Baharav-Miara will now argue against the justice minister’s counsel in court, a situation which experts said is highly exceptional. Levin, a key architect of the overhaul, seeks to change the makeup of the selection committee to give Netanyahu’s far-right ruling coalition the final say over the appointment of judges, part of a broader judicial overhaul proposed by Netanyahu’s government.” (09/05/23)