Trashing the Constitution just to get Trump

Source: New York Post
by Betsy McCaughey

“Innocent until proven guilty. That’s a fundamental right in America, at least until now. Anti-Trump groups determined to disqualify the leading Republican candidate for president are urging state election officials across America to remove Donald Trump from the ballot, claiming he’s an ‘insurrectionist.’ They’re citing an arcane clause in the 14th Amendment, written after the Civil War, that disqualified anyone who ‘engaged in insurrection against the United States’ from holding public office. Here’s the hitch. Trump has never been convicted of insurrection, and none of his prosecutors — not special counsel Jack Smith nor Georgia’s Fani Willis — is charging him with insurrection. The House of Representatives impeached him, accusing him of insurrection, but he was acquitted [by the Senate].” (09/04/23)