Court strikes down Alabama congressional map

Source: The Hill

“A three-judge panel struck down Alabama’s new congressional map on Tuesday, finding the GOP-led state fell short of complying with the Supreme Court’s recent directive. … Alabama’s map included one majority-[b]lack district out of the state’s seven total districts, despite 27 percent of the state’s population being Black. The Supreme Court’s decision affirmed a lower ruling that mandated the state draw new lines that ‘will need to include two districts in which [b]lack voters either comprise a voting-age majority or something quite close to it.’ The Republican-led legislature in a new version maintained Alabama’s one existing majority-[b]lack district … But the map notably did not go as far to create a second majority-[b]lack district, only increasing the percentage of [b]lack voters in the 2nd Congressional District from 30 percent to 40 percent.” (09/05/23)