The Race for Asian Hegemony

Source: Law & Liberty
by Alex Zutt

“It was the 1980s, the Soviets had occupied Afghanistan, the Americans (and others) were supplying the mujahideen, and the Great Game 2.0 seemed to have started in earnest. My mother, for one, felt as though she were stepping right into the pages of Kim, her favorite book as a young girl, when in 1988 she followed friendly mujahideen across the mountains above the Khyber Pass. It had been Kipling who first introduced her — a New Yorker with European parents — to Tibet, Nepal, and Afghanistan, and gave her the longing for adventure that ultimately led her to become a foreign correspondent. And now, for her first story on foreign soil, she was sneaking into Kabul, to spy on the Russians! A similar sense of history doubling back on itself invests Sheila Miyoshi Jager’s The Other Great Game, published this year but obviously the fruit of at least a decade of research.” (09/05/23)