A Tale of Two Coups

Source: Antiwar.com
by Ted Snider

“‘International law’ and the ‘rules-based international order’ sound like the same thing. They’re not. International law is the Charter international system firmly built upon the foundation of the United Nations. It is impartial and applies to everyone. Rules-based law is the preferred system of the political West, and it is built upon the structure of US hegemony. It presents the facade of universality but behind the facade is American exceptionalism. The US applies the rules when it suits them; it is exempt from them when it does not. This selective application of international law in which the rules of the rules-based order are made by the US caused outrage in Russia, China and the global majority in Kosovo, Libya and Iraq. Two coups that are recently in the news bring the difference between international law and rules-based law into relief.” (09/05/23)