The Passion of Imran Khan and the Price of Aggressive Neutrality

Source: exile in happy valley
by Nicky Reid

“Imran Khan should not be confused with a hero. He is really more of a dick, which I believe is the politically correct term for ‘politician’ now that most westerners have soured on ‘pig-raping cunt-devil.’ An international cricket star with a flair for the camera, Khan was part of a global trend of wealthy conmen posing as populist savior figures. … What Khan delivered upon his victory was really more of a series of concessions to his fellow elites …. it has been very easy to discount Imran Khan’s claims to be the victim of an American conspiracy to keep him out of power as just another theatrical circus trick by a daft political acrobat but just because you’re a dick doesn’t mean that they’re not after you.” (09/03/23)